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I got several comments that my pictures don't reflect all the facets of the Philippines. I agree with that. I am very concerned that I might give a wrong and one-sided image of the Philippines especially to the people who don't know the country.
I will try to post a word of explanation in my "about" page soon.


"My pictures don't reflect those realities."

I could not help but notice that these words were written in bold letters. :-) (Of course, it's your right and choice. This is your blog, after all.)

I agree with what Ed said. Your photo blog has a certain theme, and I think that you have a nice collection of pics here. Keep up the good work!

My French teacher could not forget your jeepney pic! She said yesterday that she saw lots of jeepneys on TV last weekend. Now she's more interested in the Philippines since I keep talking about my country in class (unlike my other Pinay classmate who seems embarrassed with her Pinoy genes....).

God bless!


I've always wanted to visit Manila and take photographs. These are some really nice photos :)


It's been 15 years since I last visited Manila. I can still remember the warmth of the people and the colours of their transport :-) Good to see that some things don't change.


Agreed, sometimes it's better that it doesn't, so we can see some of the less apparent pieces of reality that are even more beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing!


"My pictures don't reflect those realities." Art doesn't have to be real to be truthful.
As always, wonderful shots Sidney!

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